The contemplative artist


The sun quietly spilled it’s warm liquid upon the earth

and ran along the ground like an ocean wave upon the shore

Lifting sleeping corn stalks along the way,

Flowing down the gravel road to the gate outside my house

lifted up the latch, came up on the front porch and rang the doorbell

I would’ve got up to answer it but I was too tired

I didn’t get much sleep last night thinking about the meetings I had scheduled today

One with Future
One with Past

I dreaded the first most since he doesn’t talk much. His silence unnerves me

The second seems to take the longest since he never seems to shut up.

He just goes on and on about what could’ve been.

Remaining in bed, I decided I’d leave Future waiting.

Past, I’m sure would just reschedule.

And Sunshine

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I Saw God Today

As I rode my bicycle to work today, I became aware of all the ways God is present. I wrote this little reflection in response to God’s presence…

I saw you today, in the faces of children waiting for the school bus
in the bus carrying them to school.
I saw you today in the bus driver who got up at five AM to drive that bus.

I saw you today in the downtrodden old man walking down the sidewalk.
In the overcast sky threatening rain.

I saw you today, in a neighborhood waking up
In the people heading off to work.

I saw you today, in the sign outside the church promising to pray for me.

In the kindness of the drivers who gave the whole lane for me and my bicycle.

I saw you today in the smile of the old woman raking leaves in her front yard.

— In the color green.

I saw you today in an old man’s brisk walk.

In the police officer’s happy greeting.

I see you in all my departures and arrivals.

Haiku Poems Inspired By St. Ignatius

For the past few weeks I have been engaged in the Ignatian Exercises. The thing I have learned so far is that I can see God in all things. Here are some haiku poems inspired by this journey.

Safe under your wings
Cared for in the creation
Sheltered by heaven

Limitless nature
You lowered yourself in love
Unconfined by space

Behind veil of rain
Your presence where all is gift
The holiest place

This divine moment
Just an ordinary day
Now take off your shoes

I saw you today
There in the dragonfly’s wing
Intricate action

My words are many
Reverence leads to silence
You are Creator

Called to sacrifice
So connected to comfort
Break down denial


Safe under your wings
Cared for in the creation
Sheltered by heaven

Limitless nature
You lowered yourself in love
Unconfined by space


If I could find and touch the
Ceiling of the universe
I would discover the
Limits of Your love

Your love and greatness are two
Parallel lines extending
From eternity through my soul
Touching every corner of this shell

Their only limitation
Are the walls constructed
By my will

Spiritual Companionship

“where two or more come together in my name, I am there with them.” Matt. 18:20

This is sacred space
May our feet be aware they are
Touching holy ground

This is sacred space
May our hands be open to the
Brushing of the Spirit’s wind

This is sacred space
May our shoulders respond to the gentle
Weight of Christ’s arm resting across them

This is sacred space
May our eyes look into the depths
Of once hidden things now
Revealed in His presence

This is sacred space
May our ears hear the soft whisper
The voice of our Father

This is sacred space
May our hearts leap within
To respond in blessed obedience
To His will


Beauty verifies longing

Over that hill
Around that turn

A glimpse is all you’ll get

Calling into the well of your heart
Darkness echoes back in tongues

A glimpse is all you’ll get

Beauty is the roadmap for the journey home
Songs sung
Pictures drawn
Paintings painted

The chisel strikes the stone.


Beauty attempts articulation
Incarnation succeeds

Beauty can be painful, so
You draw back into the numbing couch
Content with comfort

Building walls to protect from mystery

You won’t even get a glimpse

Center Your Life In Him

Transformation is transportation into the Kingdom of God.
The Holy Spirit is the centrifugal force


Propelling your life upward toward the throne.
Where you find your life in Him alone.

Centered in Him,
The Spirit provides the propulsion toward spiritual momentum.

May the Lord cause you to live this centered reality.
Let Him help you see what it means to be off-centered and wobbly too;
So that you may know when you are spinning off kilter.

May you know the feeling of being with Him and away from Him
To discern and make course corrections.

Oh that you would find your place of belonging in Him alone
The place where your life is hid with Christ in God.


Give Us This Day Our Daily BreadĀ 

Lord, I ask this day my daily bread, that my life lived this day may be bread for others. Let my life be broken unto you and given to others. You are the bread of life who dwells in me. Let my life be used by you to provide spiritual nourishment to others 

Through Christ, amen. 
Here is another prayer I have developed in order to pray through my prayer list. I will pray the following prayer and then lift up the names on my prayer list in intercession before the Lord. I hope you find this helpful for your own personal prayer life: 

Lord as I lift the following names to you, please bring them into the wholeness of your triune being. For those who are lost, draw them to yourself and bring them to salvation; for those who are sick in body, bring physical healing; for those sick in their soul, provide your spiritual salve to their wounded heart; for those suffering with difficulties in relationship, bring them into the unity of your trinity; for those dealing with financial difficulties, give wisdom and provision; for those needing to make an important decision give them spiritual sensitivity and discernment; for those who have grown stagnant in faith, prod them toward maturity; for those who have lost heart, give them courage. 

After praying this, I simply speak the names on my list before the throne of God. 


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