The contemplative artist

Spiritual Companionship

“where two or more come together in my name, I am there with them.” Matt. 18:20

This is sacred space
May our feet be aware they are
Touching holy ground

This is sacred space
May our hands be open to the
Brushing of the Spirit’s wind

This is sacred space
May our shoulders respond to the gentle
Weight of Christ’s arm resting across them

This is sacred space
May our eyes look into the depths
Of once hidden things now
Revealed in His presence

This is sacred space
May our ears hear the soft whisper
The voice of our Father

This is sacred space
May our hearts leap within
To respond in blessed obedience
To His will


Beauty verifies longing

Over that hill
Around that turn

A glimpse is all you’ll get

Calling into the well of your heart
Darkness echoes back in tongues

A glimpse is all you’ll get

Beauty is the roadmap for the journey home
Songs sung
Pictures drawn
Paintings painted

The chisel strikes the stone.


Beauty attempts articulation
Incarnation succeeds

Beauty can be painful, so
You draw back into the numbing couch
Content with comfort

Building walls to protect from mystery

You won’t even get a glimpse

Center Your Life In Him

Transformation is transportation into the Kingdom of God.
The Holy Spirit is the centrifugal force


Propelling your life upward toward the throne.
Where you find your life in Him alone.

Centered in Him,
The Spirit provides the propulsion toward spiritual momentum.

May the Lord cause you to live this centered reality.
Let Him help you see what it means to be off-centered and wobbly too;
So that you may know when you are spinning off kilter.

May you know the feeling of being with Him and away from Him
To discern and make course corrections.

Oh that you would find your place of belonging in Him alone
The place where your life is hid with Christ in God.


Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread 

Lord, I ask this day my daily bread, that my life lived this day may be bread for others. Let my life be broken unto you and given to others. You are the bread of life who dwells in me. Let my life be used by you to provide spiritual nourishment to others 

Through Christ, amen. 
Here is another prayer I have developed in order to pray through my prayer list. I will pray the following prayer and then lift up the names on my prayer list in intercession before the Lord. I hope you find this helpful for your own personal prayer life: 

Lord as I lift the following names to you, please bring them into the wholeness of your triune being. For those who are lost, draw them to yourself and bring them to salvation; for those who are sick in body, bring physical healing; for those sick in their soul, provide your spiritual salve to their wounded heart; for those suffering with difficulties in relationship, bring them into the unity of your trinity; for those dealing with financial difficulties, give wisdom and provision; for those needing to make an important decision give them spiritual sensitivity and discernment; for those who have grown stagnant in faith, prod them toward maturity; for those who have lost heart, give them courage. 

After praying this, I simply speak the names on my list before the throne of God. 


“From the fruit of their mouth a person’s stomach is filled; with the harvest of their lips they are satisfied.” Prov. 18:20

Words cast about like seed
The sower knows not what will come

For to await the harvest is often done 

In excruciating pain.

Offering prayers for rain, 

These sentences fulfill great need. 

Transparent Places

My body is a temple,

This solid soil somehow

Leads to heaven.

Angels ascend and descend

Upon clumps of ground

Made up of yesterday’s

Garbage. The flame of

Your Spirit burns away

Satanic opacity from

Before my face.

The ladder of my dreaming

Reveals thin transparent places.

This is none other than

The House of God and

I knew it not.

Some Haiku Poems and a Couple Micro-Poems

Waiting to be seen,
The Kingdom is within you.
You are transparent.

Discernment comes hard
Illusion clouds clarity
Listen to the heart

My soul is the rain
I am dissolved into You
For You are the earth

Even through the fog
The sun still perfect and round
Blessed obscurity

I’m building a house
A place where silence abides
Evicting chaos.

One day leaves are green
Then they turn yellow and red
After that they’re dead

Your life is fragile
Handle with care God lives there
Vessel of honor.

May you live in God
His word your sustenance be
His call your journey

Control calms the fear
Relinquishment comes from trust.
Freedom gives us wings

Crushed grapes bring forth wine
Create in me a clean heart
Take away my sin

It’s unknown to sense
The soul seeks the mystery
Divine providence

Silence, a blanket weaved in grace
shields from cold winds of distraction
In a quiet room I take my place
And rest in mercy before action

Here’s what trees teach us: stay rooted to your place and grow toward heaven.

Vulnerability, the storm on the horizon.
Grace, the snowflake
that makes craters in the ground of shame.

Good Morning 

“I meditate once more on the work of your hands, I stretch out my arms to you.” Ps. 143:5
Lord you stayed up all night

Working in your studio

Crafting the light into day. 
While I slept you were forming

The colors of the sunrise; you

Were carefully placing droplets
Of water on blades of grass.

You were carving out the clouds

So that shafts of sunlight would
Find their way through the openings. 

You were busy writing the tunes for

Birds to sing into the breeze
That would find its way through

The window by my bed. 

God you painted each minute
On the clock that greets me 

When I rise. 

You whisper “Good morning”
As I step into the shower, 

You ask me how I like the 

Warm water on my back. 


Lord, I offer myself to you today.

I give you my head, that I may think your thoughts after you
That my mind may be set upon the things of the Spirit.

I give you my eyes, that I may gaze upon the beauty you have created
That I may see the hurting
That I may receive the vision of your Spirit.

I give you my ears that I may hear your voice
That I may listen more than I speak.

I give you my mouth, that I may speak words of life and of healing
That I may speak the words you give me.

I give you my shoulders and back that I may stand under the yoke with you
That I may carry the cross you have presented to me.

I give you my hands that I may reach out to those in need
That I may give what I have received.

I give you my legs and my feet that I may walk with you where you lead
That I may climb the mountaintops to preach the Gospel.


Learning to Pray

I asked the Lord, teach me to pray. 
He showed me the way of abandonment

He showed me the way of relinquishment 

He showed me the way of acceptance 

I asked, 
Is prayer ever for changing situations 

Like I used to think when I was young? 

Does prayer change people
Or just me? 

if prayer changes things, is my soul only a thing? 
You, Lord are not a thing. 
Prayer does not change you,

You need no change; 

You stretched out your arms and showed me you are already perfect


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