Contemplative Pentecostal

Overflow: A Prayer

Lord, I am a representation of your thoughts.
You thought of me, therefore I was created;
You think of me, therefore I exist.

For your thoughts are nothing but love for all people;
For all creation.

Your thoughts take the shape of words,
And your words are the form of creation.

Your thoughts and words are love.

I am the evidence of the overflow of your love;
Beauty is the overflow of your love.

And I am beautiful.

Quiet Time

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Ps. 34:8

Years ago I began the spiritual practice of meeting with God every morning. Some call it devotions, some call it quiet time, some simply call it prayer. Whatever you want to call it, this practice has become one of the most important parts of my life; it shapes my day and opens my heart to respond to God throughout the day. This practice is the way I tune my spirit to the harmony of the Holy Spirit. Following is a poem I wrote to commemorate this practice.

Quiet Time

This morning your heartbeat is
the robin’s wing,
Your breath is the breeze that moves the leaves.
The light of your eyes is the sun.

Your fingerprint is the moon,
the flutter of your eyelash is the dragonfly wing.

I smell you in the morning coffee.
Feel your excitement in my dog’s happy greeting.
I taste you in peanut butter and banana.

Your beauty wraps around all things and intertwines my heart.

My soul rises with the morning to listen to your voice of love;
Your word presses through the contours of my spirit,

Penetrates my mind and makes its way through my fingers,
my toes,
the breath in my lungs,
the words on my lips.

And the angels dancing in the Slanted light coming through the Kitchen window sing “glory!”

Blessing Of Light

May the light of the world
Enter your soul and
Call out your glory;

The glory you had
Before the foundation
Of the world.

May you live into
This glory-the glory
Of God who gives

Life to the dead
And calls into being
Things that were not.

May the true illumination
Reveal all illusion
Remove all deception.

Holding the Door Open for God

God moved slowly as I held
The door open for him. He
Smiled his appreciation

As he walked past me. The
Smile caused every crevice
In his face to glisten

Like diamonds. His teeth
Were a little yellow. And
There was still remnants

From breakfast in between.
His nobby knees were strong
Enough to keep his body

Upright and moving forward.
I don’t think he cared that
His clothes were out of

Fashion. After he passed by
I felt a smile form across
My face. The smile created

An inner glow in my chest
That made me stand a little
Taller and walk a little

More deliberately.


Oh to truly taste the love of Heaven.
Such transforming power opens

Doors for grace to have its way
In every nook and cranny of the soul.

Once tasted it must be shared.
Many hunger such exquisite feast.

When confronted with this love I am
Undone. My life is merely human and

Your love divine. Invite me O God to
Your table; let me feast upon the

Delicacies spread before. My
Hunger is great, your provision greater.


The train travels from memory to expectation.

Surrender rides solemnly,
Smelling like yesterday’s regret.

She looks out the window as all the unanswered questions rush by.
In her hand she holds a moment,

Shaping it into something that resembles desire.
Tumbling to the floor it shatters in a million pieces.

She picks them up,
Wets them with her tears

And ponders each one.

A Prayer for the Church

(Based on the gospel reading from John 17:20-26)

Oneness is the place where your glory dwells.
May we, your Spirit infused church, live in that oneness.
Oh, that your church would know the oneness that is in you–in your love;
The love with which you loved us before the foundation of the world.
And so, may the world see that you are real; that we are real.
May we find ourselves dwelling with you, in your glory.

My Soul Magnifies The Lord (a personal Magnificat)

I rejoice that God has chosen me, a mere nobody to receive his mighty Spirit into my soul.
He has called me to join in his work of redemption in the world!
While I am alive I am honored to be a participant in His divine nature.
I get to bring Christ to the world!
I am one of heaven’s ambassadors,
I’ve been given the great privilege of bearing the image of God in this life;
Of sharing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
His incarnation
His life and miracles
His resurrection
His ascension

All these are resident in my soul through the gift of His Spirit!
Praise be to God who sees me and chooses me to bring Him glory
As I live my life on this earth!

In The Sphere of Love (prayer of the mystic)

The sphere of your love
Is an ancient orb that flows
Down the shaft of my soul

Penetrating all those painful
Memories, covering them in
healing balm, washing away all sin

In cleansing blood. Reorienting
Me toward the Spirit
Remaking me into my origin.

My crooked soul, now upright
Lifted by the strength of your love.
The child inside is healed


The flame almost snuffed out
Once again kindled in this heat.
Burning passion almost dissolved

By the world, renewed in this sphere.

Shape me, my Lord, into your image.
Make me, my Lord, the servant you intend.
Take me, my Friend, into the space

Of your Kingdom, and show me things
My eyes have never seen.

Your heart is large enough for all
May we find ourselves there,
Together for all eternity.


I am inflamed in your resurrection,
embraced by the light of your glory.

I am empowered by your Spirit
to live out the new creation life

You are enthroned on high far above principality and power
pouring out your merciful love on all humankind.

I am engulfed by this calling to share the good news

to the lost,
The hurting,
the poor.


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